This blog is the by-product of a serial procrastinator’s desire to do anything other than read their university set texts (standard).

I set it up in my first year in response to moving away from home and discovering that there was more to home cooked meals than stringy celery snuck into ‘healthy’ bolognese; meat and tatties; oh, and that family ‘favourite’ – tuna pasta bake made with heinz tomato soup… *shudders*.

It began as place I could turn to to escape from the drag of disaster housemates (you know the kind I’m referring to) and somewhere I could test out food I’d seen being made at work (I had a part time job as a kitchen porter in one of Bristol’s much-loved cafes, Boston Tea Party).

As I became more aware of Bristol’s thriving food scene, my blog quickly evolved into a platform where I could write about all the foodie happenings taking place around me.

Now, it’s blossomed into something so much more: a hub for recipes, reviews, travel features and opinion pieces.

In July 2016, I said goodbye to my student days and graduated from the University of Bristol with an upper 2:1 in English Literature with Classical Studies. As soon as the door swung shut on my last tutorial, I started making a serious effort to create a career out of food.

For the last six months I’ve been a paid intern at two different national food magazines in London. Whilst interning I’ve worked on their websites (uploading and producing content), managed their social media channels, participated in photoshoots, coordinated the running of one magazine’s Produce Awards, represented the brands at events and so much more.

(You can read about some of the things I’ve got up to on my ‘Other Writing’ tab or head on over to my Linkedin).

But I’m not done yet.

I have a keen interest in moving over into feature writing and commissioning and I’d love to start food styling and assisting on shoots. I’m working on learning how to edit videos and I want to not just feature on a podcast, but actually help produce it. (If you know someone who needs someone, send said someone my way).

Anyways… Thanks for checking out this space. I’m off to go drink some tea and munch a mini-roll. Hope you find something you like on my blog (and if you do leave me a note in the comments)



To document my foodie adventures I use a NEX-F3 Sony compact system camera with a Macro and standard zoom lens. I’ll also use my iPhone 7– although those photos are never quite as pretty.



12 Comments Add yours

  1. Rob says:

    Good afternoon

    Could you please contact me on rob.davies@thisisfishburn.com as I would like to discuss an opportunity.

    Many thanks

  2. Nick says:

    Hi J, could I have a chat next week re food/catering at university please?

    1. Hey Nick, sure thing. How shall we arrange it?

  3. hi dear
    very pretty blog!
    ifi you want i am wainting for your visit in mine

  4. Daniel says:

    Hello there. I am contacting you on behalf of http://www.thestudentpocketguide.com please feel free to check out our website. We want to discuss working with you. If you are interested please contact me via daniel@thestudentpocketguide.com.

    Thank you

  5. paganpages says:

    Hi J, can I email you about writing a post for MetMunch? We are encouraging students to eat healthily and cook more: metmunch.com – Jess

    1. Sounds great! My email is: ————-

  6. Maria Luisa Welch says:

    Hello Jordan I wonder if you could please contact me re the piece you are writing for olive magazine. Many thanks, Luis Welch

    1. Hi Luis, what piece is this? And how do I get in contact?

  7. Ellie says:

    Hi J, I’m getting in touch about a caffeine fueled collaboration we’d love you to be part of – could you drop me an email on ellie.cunninghambatt@havas.com for some more details? Thanks! Ellie

  8. Kathryn says:

    Hi J, Can I email you about being involved in a pilot for a new C4 cooking show? I work for Denhams productions (http://www.denhams.tv/). Many thanks, Kathryn.

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