Pretending to review Quay restaurant in Sydney, Australia

If you clicked on this thinking I’d gone and jetted off to the other side of the world chasing some small intricately presented plates and flashing all the cash, sorry to disappoint. This ‘review’ is in fact a 200 word editorial test I wrote for an interview recently.

Even though I made it through to the second round, I ended up pulling out in favour for a job in central London. Buuut I have so little time to blog these days, so I thought why waste the words. Yah know?

So here it is.

I was asked to match the publication’s style and provide a descriptive account of the restaurant. I don’t know what the dishes listed below taste like, I just browsed the menu and used my imagination. Obviously, if you’re in Oz and happen to check out this place, don’t base your expectations off this blog… It’s as fictitious as it gets. *ehem*

Quay, Sydney

Australia’s most decorated restaurant continues to impress gastronomic experts.

A world-class restaurant?
Yes, in fact, for nine consecutive years Sydney Harbour’s glittering hub of haute cuisine has reserved its place on the World’s 50 Best list. Testament to executive chef Peter Gilmore’s continued innovation, Quay climbed three spots, to sit at 95th, at this year’s awards.

What diners can expect:
Daring textures and bold Pan-Asian flavours divide and conquer tastebuds. The point is to distract diners; perhaps from the floor to ceiling views of Sydney’s Opera House and Harbour bridge; perhaps just to slow proceedings down, to encourage measured, savouring bites.

Sensation is everything here: wagyu beef, shaved into wafer thin curls, squares up to fiery horseradish sour cream, only to melt on the tongue against springy raw fungi. Sweet amaebi shrimp greet and then rise through umami swirls of broth, but fold around nutty grains of koshihikari rice.

Flavours embrace and engage with each other, animatedly. But textures are deliberately, dazzlingly subversive.

Would you have believed that I dinned at Quay in Australia if I hadn’t included the little excerpt at the top? Let me know in the comments below!


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