5 food-related Twitter accounts bringing all the sass to the table

Welcome to social Saturdays! A new weekly feature where I share a little snippet of all the fun things the internet has to offer.

To kick things off here’s five foodie-themed Twitter accounts that are guaranteed to brighten up your feed. Some of them are spoofs of British food legends. Some are very much the real deal. All of them are great:

1) (Not) Mary Berry

The Queen of bakes may not be on Twitter per say, but she’s definitely there in spirit. Whether the GBBO withdrawals are hitting hard or you’re just in need of a little more sass in your life, this spoof account will satisfy all your Mary B needs.

2) Nigel Slater Quotes

Slater’s writing is peppered with innuendoes and puns anyway, but there’s something about seeing his brilliance in isolation, cut down to 140 characters or less, that makes his words seem all the more hilarious.

If your feed is anything like mine, then this spoof account is the perfect anecdote to all the doom and gloom that seems to all too regularly flood the Twittersphere these days.

Screen Shot 2017-04-24 at 21.22.12Screen Shot 2017-04-24 at 21.20.01

3) We Want Plates

This account documents and rates the craziest ‘lightbulb’ moments in the restaurant industry. Tune in to discover the biggest crimes against the culinary arts.

From waffles in a dog bowl to chorizos hung from a mini tree, if you thought having your chips served in a metal cup next to your deconstructed burger on a slate was the worst thing that could happen to your meal, think again…

4) No Context Bake Off

Oh the fun you can have with some flour, sugar, and subtitles. Who knew Britain’s much loved family-friendly baking programme was filled with so much… well, filth?

You’ve got to give the English language some praise for facilitating this level of nuanced ambiguity. Oh, and Mel and Sue too. The dynamic due are full of meme-worthy puns and innuendos. When Channel 4’s motley crew takes over, they will be sorely missed. 


5) Gordon Ramsay Roasting People’s Dinner Plates

People tweet Gordon pictures of their attempts at cooking and, in his typical fiery style, he absolutely destroys them… need I say more? 

Gordon Ramsay rating people's dinner plates


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