Matcha coming ‘atcha: the best places in London to get your fix

If you don’t know what matcha is by now, then where have you been? This super fine green tea powder from Japan was one of the biggest foods of 2016 and, unlike the rise and fall of turmeric, it’s looking as if this trend is here to stay.

I’m a long standing fan of the green stuff (shout out to Tampopo’s green tea ice cream for showing me the light way back in 2013). It’s really refreshing served ice cold and combined with something sweet. There’s a wonderful mouthfeel too. Order a matcha white hot chocolate or tuck into some bright green gelato and you’ll notice that there’s a real sense of substance that comes hand in hand with the taste. It’s ever so slightly grainy (because its literally made from grounded down tea leaves) and it leaves a lingering creamy texture in your mouth. Yum.

But matcha isn’t for everyone. Its bitter and earthy and can overpower your palate if not eaten right. It’s basically Japan’s answer to marmite and I’ve even heard one foodie compare it to the taste of dirt. Not sure what experience they have with eating dirt, but there you go…

Whatever your verdict, there’s no denying that London’s eateries are enamoured with this vibrant green tea powder. From lattes to donuts, coffee shops and bakeries are using it in everything, and you don’t even have to look that far to find it (heck, Starbucks are even serving up green tea concoctions these days).

Whether you’re in it to try something new or if you’re already a connoisseur, here are some of the best places to pick up a matcha-infused treat in the capital:

Katsute100, Angel

Grab a matcha white hot chocolate from this traditional Japanese tea house down Camden Passage in Islington and prepare to have your mind blown. So creamy. So sweet. So irresistible.

Crosstown Doughnuts

Sourdough doughnut meet matcha, matcha meet sourdough doughnut. You’re going to get along just fine.

Bone Daddies

Go for the ramen, stay for the matcha and black sesame seed mochi ice cream.

La Gelatiera, Covent Garden

Queues to this places regularly spilling out the door and onto the street. If you have the patience to wait, matcha gelato from La Gelatiera’s tiny shop is the bomb dot com.

The Hoxton, Holborn

Kick back, relax and sip on a creamy matcha latte in the cafe of this super trendy hotel in Holborn.

Processed with VSCO with m3 preset

Milk Train Cafe, Covent Gardens

Soft serve matcha ice cream topped with Oreo crumble, popcorn and chocolate sauce served in a wafer cone and cushioned with a cloud of candy floss. Need. I. Say. More.


Want to know how to cook with matcha at home? Check out olive magazine or BBC Good Foods for some great suggestions.


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