Fig Cafe Bar, Hvar, Croatia


Tucked away down a secluded cobbled side street in downtown Hvar is Fig Cafe Bar. Quirky and quaint, this place manages to wow with flavour-packed food despite serving out of the tiniest kitchen you have ever seen.


What they’re cooking: 

Their chef Greg worked on megayachts for nearly a decade (maybe that’s how they manage to be so nifty in such a little kitchen) and their menu, although small, boasts a number of creative and delicious-looking gems. Huge flatbread seem to be their speciality with over four different types of mouthwatering toppings on offer (fig and ricotta, tomato and onion jam… check out the rest of them here).


Setting and atmosphere: 

Outside is where you want to be. The alleyway is lined with sturdy wooden picnic benches, colourful flower pots and sparkling fairy lights. This side street doesn’t get much light during the day but around 6pm it will fall just right between the buildings and cast the warmth of the dewy evening sun across the tables and benches.

Fig is tucked away just off of the main touristy areas so there is none of that crowded hustle and bustle. It’s quiet and their main waitress was lovely and very chatty.


Menu must-orders:

With a perfect balance between sweet and savoury, their pear and blue cheese flatbread was exquisite. The thinly sliced pear, crunchy roasted walnuts and sweet balsamic drizzle went so well with the fluffy, buttered bread. But the sweetness of this combination was reigned in and subtly undercut by the flavour of the salty blue cheese, the charcoal notes from the grilled base and the slightly spicy taste of the arugula leaves.


It tasted so good and is definitely something you should order either as a main or (like us) as a starter to share. At 50 Kuna (£5.65) for such a huge portion it is also fantastic value for money.

Their Mexican pulled pork is another one to try. It’s comforting and warm, and comes with sour cream and more of the delicious, fluffy flatbread. But it flavour profile and impression on us was completely eclipsed by our experience of the pear and blue cheese so if you’re umming and ahhing over the menu, then I’d suggest that you go with the flatbread.


Menu misfires: 

Their chipotle chicken and avocado tacos were nice but not particularly special. The chicken was smoky and hot but was definitely not on the same level as our starter (can you tell I’m in love with the flatbread…?).


The booze:

All the wine is completely local. My glass of Opolo Nobile 2015 rosé was dry but had a pronounced fruity flavour and the grapes were, according to our waitress, grown only 30km away from the cafe.

They also serve some amazing-looking house margaritas but, unfortunately, they ran out just as we were about to order so we never got to taste them. (They looked great from afar).

The verdict: 

Fig cafe boosts a lovely, cosy setting with great food and fantastically friendly staff. If you’re looking to avoid the touristy areas (and overpriced food) then it’s definitely one to seek out. But remember since it’s so little, you might struggle to find space if you’re in a big group.

Stjepana Papafave 35, 21450, Hvar



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