Pizzeria Topolino, Bol, Croatia


This review is going to be short and sweet because there are just three things you need to know about this place:

1) Their stone baked pizzas are amazing


Look at all the crispy bacon and crunchy green chilis *drools slightly*


2) They’re so big they’ll overspill the plate



Dominoes eat your heart out.


3) They’re baked right in front of you so you know they’re super fresh

Ignore the fact that I’m talking about pizza and that this is a salad and concentrate on the cute little tomato rose in the middle of that bed of salty grated parmesan

The pizza oven is outside just like all the tables. From your seats you can see them toss the dough and then watch them pull the pizza out of the pit straight onto your plate.

Pizzeria Topolino is right on the promenade. Comfy four person booths line the front, shaded by a row of tall umbrella pines. Behind the trees are larger solid wooden tables which are there to accommodate for those not quick enough off the mark to snag a booth (… i.e. us). Their mains are super cheap (about 55 Kuna = £6.20 for a massive pizza) and the portions are huge.

My pizza was fantastic. Covered in springy, earthy mushrooms (my favourite vegetable) and a strips of tender, salty ham, I still dream about it sometimes.

Riva 2Bol, Brac Island 21420, Croatia


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