6 Things to do in Bol, Croatia


Bol is a tiny seaside town on the South side of Brač island. Despite having a population of less than 2,000 people, this place is full of amazing (and cheap) hotels and apartments. There’s a world famous beach (the Zlatni Rat… which translates as Golden Cape) and a stunning white stone promenade that stretches almost the whole length of the town.

There’s so many things you could do to in Bol but here are just a few suggestions:

1) Grab some gelato from this place (and only this place)


It’s the best ice cream shop in Bol, I swear. Also look how frickin’ cute it is! Their apple and strawberry gelato (see above) actually tasted of real fresh fruit. It was really refreshing and there was none of that weird chemical aftertaste that you can sometimes get with other kinds of sorbet and fruit-flavoured ice cream.


2) Peruse the fresh fruit markets


There’s so much on offer and if your breakfast doesn’t amount to much (ours was poop) then this is the place to go for healthy snacks.


Loads of Croatian honey and dried figs. Apparently the taste and colour of the honey reflects what kind of flower or herb the bees have harvested the pollen from. There was some pretty quirky flavours on offer too like lavender honey, sage and rosemary. Pretty cool, huh?


The biggest avocado you have ever seen also came straight from that market. It’s hard to judge how big it was from this pic but I have another photo of this next to my head for size comparison. However, I was so gross and sticky at that point (Bol was blisteringly hot on our first day) that it can never be shared, sorray. You’ll have to use your imagination to work it out… but for visual reference it was pretty much the same length as my face. Ridiculous, I know.


3) Take a romantic walk down the promenade and watch the sunset light up the sky


These pics depict three different stages of the sun setting over Bol. The further we walked away from town the more the sky began to flush a deeper and more dramatic pink. It was breathtaking and by far the best sunset we witnessed in Croatia.


Look at that moon!

You can just about spot the Zlatni Rat beach in the far left corner of this photo.


4) Catch some rays on the aforementioned Zlatni Rat beach


Okay so annoyingly, it was only sunny one out of the two days we spent in Bol. The first was idyllic but, because we spent most of our time swimming in the sea, we didn’t take our cameras or phones to the beach so I haven’t got any photos from then. This was taken on the day of the storm which resulted in our catamaran to Hvar being cancelled.

Unimpressed with the weather or the person pointing the camera? You decide… hehe. * I’m going to turn this pic into a meme at some point. It’s comedy gold *

Despite the weather the beach was still pretty cool. The bar, club and food shacks where still open and people were kit surfing but the water was too choppy and it was too windy (check out my video here to see how bad it was) to sit and relax on the beach that day.


5) Go snorkelling with the fishes


Or windsurf and paddle board in the sea. Or strap on a water jet pack and pretend you can fly (yep, there was one of those contraptions in Bol).


6) Go on a wine or olive oil tasting trip


There’s a winery in Bol but it looked pretty classy (aka waaaaay out of my student budget). And considering there are a ton of vineyards and olive groves just a short bus ride away why wouldn’t you want to branch out and taste the wine and olive oil on site, right where it’s being grown?


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