Brasserie On 07, Split, Croatia


Brasserie On 07 overlooks Split’s dazzling white stone harbourside and seems to be (if TripAdvisor is anything to go be) one of the town’s most popular tourist spots.

07’s interior is beautiful. Think clean lines, a bold chandelier throwing its light across the whole room and cream walls with splashes of complimentary blue and sand here and there and you’ve got it spot on. There’s also outdoor seating which means you can relax, enjoy your meal and watch the world go by as the sun shines down on Split’s famous Riva.

On the day we visited, the sun was not, however, shining. In fact, it was absolutely chucking it down and we were forced to take shelter inside but that didn’t detract from our experience of the food:

This octopus salad was crisp and super tasty. The salty feta contrasted perfectly with the zingy balsamic dressing, crunchy pickled garlic and smoky flavour of the grilled octopus.


The vibrant colour of the salad brought something extra to the dish. It was really visually appealing and the bright colours almost made us forget about the dull, gloomy weather outside.

Also, fun fact, this was my first taste of octopus that hasn’t been deep fried or boiled to death in a paella mix. I’ve never tasted octopus this fresh or so unadulterated. This was lightly seasoned and fresh off the grill. I really enjoyed the springy texture and the warm, slightly pinky / purple colour was intriguing. I didn’t expect it to look that way (is that a weird thought? I’m not sure).


Not featured here is J’s club sandwich because, well, it looked (and it tasted) pretty standard. Club sandwiches aren’t exotic or hard to get right but I guess you sometimes crave consistency and comfort in food when you’re in a strange place…

If we’d spent a little more time in Split (and if we had a little more money) we might have considered going back for dinner. The menu described how the food combines French gastronomic principles with traditional Croatian cuisine. While this concept didn’t quite make itself apparent during lunch, it did seem as if the idea came into full bloom during the evening meal.

That said, it becomes clear, once you look at the menu closely, that this place has actually created a melody of cuisines all fused together with French and Croatian elements taking centre stage. The dinner menu features a charcuterie board with local chorizo and Dalmatian prosciutto (blatant French-Croatian combos there) but it also offers a brasserie ‘fruit de mere’ with a chimichurri sauce (which is an Argentinean marinade and accompaniment traditionally paired with beef) and a seared yellowfin tuna steak with a pico de gallo salsa (again, not French but Mexican).

Brasserie On 07 is definitely somewhere you should at least try to grab a coffee from (if only to admire the decor). However, since they have so much freshly caught seafood, done so many different ways, it would be considered a crime in most countries (I joke of course) to pass up the opportunity to dine in a restaurant like this.

An evening meal isn’t too cheap though. Their catch of the day will set you back 420 Kuna which is about £48 (!!!) but not everything is that pricey and my salad at lunch came to £11 (98 Kuna) which isn’t that bad given how delicious it was.

Obala Hrvatskog narodnog preporoda 7
21000 Split


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