8 Things to do in Split for next to nothing


If you’re travelling on a budget then this post is for you. That said, since we only stayed in Split for 3 days I wouldn’t, however, call it a comprehensive guide.

So if you’re reading this and you happen to have already been to Split and you see some glaring holes in my guide then please do comment below some more suggestions!

1) Go searching for Nemo… or Dory


You have to, have to, have to go walk the coastline and check out the beaches. They’re not that sandy (there’s a lot of rock and concrete going on at the shorelines) but as you can see above, and from this blog post’s cover photo, the water is such an alluring mix of bright sapphire and turquoise that you’ll just want to jump right in.

It’s so stunning, there’s loads of cute little fish in the water and a ton of secluded coves to explore. The water is also surprisingly swimmable. Further in the seabed gets soft and sandy and the water isn’t that chilly.

And, to top it all off, there’s loads of Total-Wipe-Out-style inflatables floating about and loads bars along the pier which means not only can you get your booze on in the sun but you can also have a laugh whilst doing it. It’s fun, trust.


2) Head out on a hike


There’s this really big hill on the edge of the town and it is imperative that you walk up it. Do it. Although it looks far on the map, it really isn’t and I promise you that you won’t regret it.

The views are amazing and you can see across the whole of Split. There’s also a tiny zoo half way up (I know!) and a colony of butterflies right at the top which just adds to the whole experience.


3) Climb the bell town


Now this will cost you a few Kuna but you should definitely climb it. It’s a little bit scary (and the stairs might gently shake as you walk up them) but the views over the terracotta roofs of Split are breathtakingly beautiful:


Look you can see the hill in the background… not that far, or that high, at all.


4) Be serenaded by the guitarist in the square of the Docletian’s Palace


And gaze up at the bell tower you just climbed.


5) Enjoy a tipple by the sea as the sun sets over the city


Cheap wine from the supermarket + glasses borrowed from your apartment + towel to cushion your tush = an effortlessly romantic evening without a hefty price tag.


6) Wander the old, stone streets of Split


As the last of the light starts to slip from the sky and everyone heads off in search of an appropriate dinner setting, the little alleyways and side streets of Split really come into their own. Without the hoards of tourists getting in your way you can really begin to enjoy the historic setting of old Split.

Our evening walk around the town was so pleasant and calming and I loved how the little bars and restaurants spilled out into the street.


7) Treat yo’self


Try the ice-cream from the stall under the arch before the main square (sorry, I know that’s a vague description). You’ll know what I mean when you see it. Anyway, they have soo many flavours and they all taste heavenly, I would know.


8) Barter at the markets

Check out the food markets just outside the old palace walls. They’re such great value for money (we paid pennies for this huge quarter of water melon) and all the fruit and veg are deliciously fresh.


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