Top tips for Croatia


I did a thing… I graduated from the University of Bristol and then went on holiday to celebrate. It was great. Now let me tell you all about it in a series of blog posts absolutely crammed full of stories about my Croatian adventures, suggestions on what to do, where to go, and a sh*t tonne of pretty pictures of the places I visited.

Bare with, internet. It’s going to take a fair few posts to get through this round but it will all be worth it in the end.

This is the first instalment in (what will hopefully be) a series of travel and foodie blogs that will always begin with a ‘Top tips’ post… like this one.

So, to kick it all off, here’s my top tips for Croatia:

1) Spend some time on AirBnB before you go

Photo taken from Toni’s airbnb profile (I forgot to take one before we dumped our stuff, grr)

We stayed in two perfectly located, beautiful apartments during our time in Croatia. Toni and Petar’s places far exceeded expectation and put the two hotels we stayed in to shame.

It’s worth considering the option of renting out someone’s house, apartment or room while you’re there. Not only does it give you greater flexibility with your meals and your time but they’re great value for money and each host gave us some cracking recommendations on where to eat, what to do and where to go.

2) Consider island hoping

Hula Hula beach, Hvar

Or at least look into some day trips. We visited 4 places while we were out in Croatia (Split, Brač, Hvar and Dubrovnik) and stayed at least a couple of nights in each location. By doing so, it meant that we got to explore more of the country and managed to avoid that mid-holiday slump where you’re kind of homesick and not quite sure what to do next.

Island hopping is really easy to organise as everywhere is easily accessible by ferry or boat and you can book travel on the day, or before down at the ferry ports.

3) Respect and worship Trip Advisor

Our pear and blue cheese flatbread from Fig cafe in Hvar

If your host forgets to give you some recommendations (or if you don’t have a host at all) then Trip Advisor should be your next port of call. We found some amazing restaurants on there (as you’d expect).

In fact, we only visited Fig Cafe in Hvar and the Taj Mahal in Dubrovnik because J had spotted them on the site’s list of top eateries in the area – check it out!

4) Plan your route

Old Town, Dubrovnik

A pretty obvious one but don’t just book accommodation on different islands and then leave your travel plans until last minute. AirBnB hosts will set check in times just like your hotels and, although they can be a bit lenient, you don’t want to keep them waiting as, unlike hotels receptionists, they do have other things to do.

Also some of the ferries you can and should prebook (like the Hvar to Dubrovnik boat) before you get there as they tend to only sail once a day and are quite popular.

5) Pack sunscreen… and a raincoat

So we’re not sure if it was just something to do with the time we went (early June) or if it was just a bit of a coincidence but we had just as many hot days as rainy / cloudy days.

When we were on Brač we also got caught in a storm (see above) and were almost left stranded in Bol. All of the boats on our side of the island were canceled as a result of the bad weather. 8 hours of extra travelling later, two coaches and three broken ferry windows later we did manage to get where we wanted to be but it wasn’t half complicated (and stressful).


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