8 Things at Bristol Food Connections students should get excited about

From 29th April–7th May, Food Connections will take over the city for the third year in a row. With ALL the food, muchos music events, and loads and loads of free sessions, this festival is every student’s dream. How do I know? Well I went last year, duh.

Of course time has moved on, 2015 is well and truly behind us, and Food Connections knows it. Last year was great but this year is on a whole other level. The festival has, once again, upped their game: it is bigger, it is better, it is… tastier.


So, although you probably don’t need me to convince you, here are 8 fun things about Bristol Food Connections that students should get excited about:

1) It’s right on our doorstep

An obvious but very important reason to get excited because most of the events and markets are happening down on College Green or in the city centre. So, if you need a quick revision break, you don’t have to feel too guilty about going for a little look cause it’s really, really close.

2) Their snazzy Food Card

A new addition this year, the food card gives you access to tons of offers, promotions and discounts from over 70 different foodie places across Bristol. Don’t forget to pick one of these up (they’re only £5!!) and take advantage of all the sweet deals that it unlocks.

3) There’s speed dating and it sounds hilarious

The idea: 10 guys, 10 girls, 10 cooking stations, 1 recipe. An hour of culinary fun, a delicious vegetarian meal and, to end the night, a match made in heaven – maybe? If you’re a single foodie then this one is definitely for you. Tinder’s all a sham anyway, now throw on your apron and get stuck in.

4) The markets look so goddamn tasty

Click here to find out who, what, where and when – it all looks sooo delicious, I can’t wait!!!

5) Tropical Coffee Raves exist and everyone should go

Can’t live without your morning coffee? Enjoy a good boogie to some tunes while you get ready for uni? What better way then to clear your head and put yourself in great stead for a long day in the ASS than this early morning, caffeine-fuelled rave?

6) There’s going to be a secret garden party on Christmas Steps

Did I mention there will be a BBQ and cider, lots and lots of cider?

7) The late night cocktail party at The Loco Klub looks super fun

Rum, tropical tunes, and a pre-party dance class to get your moves up to shape before the night kicks off, looks like Apocalypso is guaranteed to be a good night out.

8) There’s yummy things happening over at Lakota

You should probably head over there sober at least once right? If you’re hankering for some jerk chicken and reggae beats then check out ‘IT’S A BRISTOL TING!’ on the 1st May.

The festival is in partnership with Great Western Railway, the BBC and Bristol City Council. While these are a selection of events I’m most excited about, that doesn’t mean this is all Bristol Food Connections has to offer. Check out their full programme to see what else you can get up to.


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  1. gingey bites says:

    Fab blog – I love the dinosaur in the coffee cup 🙂 Lovely to meet you today. x

    1. Aww thanks, you too! Sorry I didn’t see this sooner dissertation has taken over my life haha

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