Burger and lobster

Do you struggle to pick what you want off the menu? Always spending time ‘umming’ and ‘ahhing’ over what to get? Well if you want to make things more streamline then Burger and Lobster is for you.

There’s only three things on offer here. Two of them involve lobster, the other’s burger. Who would have guessed.

We didn’t opt in for the burger (why waste an opportunity?) but I can tell you a lot about their lobster.

** Spoiler: it’s really, really goddamn good ***

For £20 you can get a whole lobster or this delectable brioche bun or the prior-mentioned-burger.

From a distance the lobster roll might not look like it’s entirely worth the whole £20, but J, who’s appetite could rival a bear just out of winter hibernation, can testify that it’s more than plenty.

I, however, after choosing the lobster would like to point out that he missed out on all the fun.

My grilled lobster was absolutely delicious, the flavour of the meat so delicate and unexpectedly, slightly sweet. The garlic sauce was the perfect accompaniment and I took far too much joy out of removing the lobster from the shell.

Regrettably I didn’t take photos of them but they also give you this nifty claw cracker and skewer to help you get all the little bits of tasty lobster meat out.

Any excuse to play with my food and I’m in. So. Much. Fun.


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