Anna Cake Couture

Let me ask you a question, are you looking for somewhere to have a cup of tea, nibble on some cake and pretend to… be unbelievably classy?

Was the answer to that question yes? Good. Then Anna Cake Couture in Clifton Village is definitely the place for you.


These photos were taking from my Birthday celebrations all the way back in Jan but, as per, when I have the most amount of uni work to do, I’ve decided that now is the time to share this delectable experience.


Anna is the perfect location for afternoon tea.

The little seating area is warm and intimate.

It’s just big enough that you’re not too self conscious about standing out but it’s cosy enough that you can enjoy your tea and cake without too much commotion.


But, more importantly, their sweets are the bomb.

I mean, I would know, after all I tried every single flavour of their macaroons… and then washed it down with some peanut butter and banana cake.

You only turn 21 once right?


The best part about this quaint little hidey-hole was, while we tucked into all these incredible sweets, we could right see into the kitchen as Anna’s team worked away, crafting all the delicate and scummy treats.

Doubt the urge to try all their other sweets counts, but I can’t wait for another excuse to spend another afternoon tucked up in Anna’s cake cafe.



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