Raspberry, Coconut and Basil Smoothie Bowl

Fun fact: I’m allergic to coconut products. Shampoos, moisturisers, coconut oil on my skin – all off limits.

Consuming coconut, however, is a whole other story. I can eat as much as I like, no problemo.

My friends can’t get their head around this disparity but I think its pretty funny especially because I absolutely love coconut foods.

Because of this love, as you can probably imagine, when I whipped up this smoothie bowl this morning I made sure to put extra desiccated coconut in.

Obviously you can leave it out of your mix if you’re not a fan but don’t scrimp on the basil. Its the twist that really makes this smoothie bowl taste so delicious.





What you’ll need: 

1 handful of frozen raspberries
5  basil leaves
4 table spoons of sweetened desiccated coconut
4 tablespoons of Greek yoghurt
Splash of milk
Desiccated coconut to top
Fresh raspberries to top

What to do:

1.Put the frozen raspberries, basil, 4 tbsp of coconut, greek yoghurt and milk in a blender and wiz until smooth
2. Pour into a bowl
3. Decorate


One Comment Add yours

  1. mygymrecipe says:

    Looks amazing! Check out my recent smoothie recipe!

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