50% Student Discount at WildWood

Did you know that from Sunday all the way through till Thursday students can get 50% off their bill at WildWood in Clifton?

Clifton! Of all the places to find a student friendly deal, and we found this ridiculous one in one of the poshest, most expensive part of Bristol – madness, wonderfully cheap and tasty madness.

So, aside from their great deals and swanky location (it’s in the old Lloyds bank on Regent Street) they actually serve up some pretty decent food, which, if you scroll on you’ll be able to feast your eyes upon:

We decided to share our starter and ordered a portion of their rosemary and garlic flatbread. It was wonderfully aromatic and so soft and tearable.

This was the day that I discovered that I liked chilli oil, so what you don’t see here is the copious amounts we poured on…

This was J’s starter. It’s a wild boar and chorizo burger with onion rings, jalapeños, relish and fries.

I don’t normally rate burgers very highly, it’s usually the beef pate that puts me off, but this was sooo good, and it was one of the best burgers I’ve ever tasted – probably because it wasn’t beef (figures!).


Just look at that glorious stack!

This was my main – not quite as impressive as J’s, but dammit if I was going to turn down the opportunity to eat seafood for less.

My spaghetti, coated in a creamy white wine sauce, and was scattered with cherry tomatoes and tiger prawns, was pretty tasty, the only thing I would say about this though was that could have done with more tomatoes as they were a really nice, sharp contrast to the creaminess of the sauce.

After the discount I think out bill came to about £13, which is amazing, and definitely one other students should check out.


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