Being thoroughly spoilt at the Lido

Last weekend I was well and truly spoilt, I think that’s the best way to describe it anyway.

Dinner at the Lido was spectacular, it was extraordinary, it was perfect. So perfect that trying to put into words how special that night was would just reduce it down to something it wasn’t.

It wasn’t just three courses washed down with a bottle of Rosé consumed at a candlelit table that overlooked the softly-lit outdoor pool. Oh no, it was so much more than that. The time spent there was measured not by the clock, but by fits of laugher and a sequence of tastes and textures. The memory of that evening is made up of images and burst of emotion, intangible things.

To tell you that I had a great time and that everything tasted fantastic would be to ignore all these other important elements which fail to translate beyond memory, evading clear definition.

Instead of a review, what I offer you is a photo diary. From this perceptive you’ll be able to piece together our evening but don’t stop there, save up your pennies, book a table, and indulge in an evening of pure luxury.

A crisp and sweet Rosé.

J’s wood roast scollop starter, soaked in sweet herbs and garlic butter.

Salt cured foie gras with figs, thyme, pistachios, and date syrup.

J’s main: Iberico abaci with black figs, and rosemary and garlic fried potatoes.

Wood roast guinea fowl on a bed of saffron chickpeas, crispy fried and spiced okra, with garlic yoghurt.IMG_4884

Our seven bowl tasting platter of ice-cream. Not seen in this order but: raspberry sorbet; chocolate & stout; salted butter caramel; Pedro Ximenez & raisin; coffee; toasted coconut & rum; pear sorbet.


The Lido is crazy beautiful but it’s not cheap. It’s well beyond the average student’s means but you can see why. You get what you pay for, atmosphere and views included.


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