Rock, Padstow and Rick Stein’s Fish and Chips

Last weekend Bristol women’s water polo disappeared down to Cornwall. We were due to play a local league match in Plymouth on the Sunday and so we decided to make an adventure out of a long trip down South.

From Friday night to Sunday evening we took over R’s holiday home in Rock and set about getting the first lot of this year’s team bonding underway. For anyone that doesn’t know what that entails… well, it’s a lot of intense games of jungle snap, articulate, beer pong, and a peculiar game involving tights, a tennis ball, and two dizzy participants pitted against each other.

The following post is a photo diary of our time spent in Rock and Padstow (the fishing village across the bay), let me know what you think in the comment section below:

Exploring the sand dunes on Saturday afternoon. The view was phenomenal.

We couldn’t resist picking a few blackberries on our way up the hill.  
We made it to the top and realised that it was well worth the slipping and sliding up the sandy paths. 
Looking at the sunshine and the flowers in bloom, you would not be able to tell that it was October.

Well done England for not being so miserable for once.


Cornwall you beaut.    
We pretty much had most of the beach to ourselves, such a privilege on such a nice day.

A trip to Cornwall wouldn’t be complete without an authentic Cornish pasty. Between us we shared a Cornish pasty, a bacon and onion pasty, and a pork and apple one (my favourite).

The healthiest salad you did ever see: spinach, iceberg lettuce, sweetcorn, avocado, tomato and cucumber. So fresh.

So that weekend I was so ill that I completely lost my voice… I also got so into our game of jungle snap and articulate that I had an asthma attack, but that’s a story for a different time.

Anyway, my solution for my illness was alcohol. More specifically, Koppaberg’s latest flavour: spiced apple, served up toasty and warm.  

Cherry Brownie, and Eaton Mess ice-cream – Rock’s ice-creamists don’t disappoint.

Pims O’clock, oh yes.  

How good does our homemade lemon drizzle cake look?

Atmospheric lighting for our game of cider pong. My team won, just in case you’re wondering.

We rounded off the evening with a BBQ. Seen here are our chargrilled sweet chilli chicken breasts. Delish.

We went all out here. Roasted Mediterranean veg, sweet potato chunks, corn on the cob, garlicy potatoes, and cheesy flat breads. With all the essential dips of course: guacamole, humous, an industrial amount of ketchup and mayo (not even joking, you should have seen the size of the bottles R has stashed in her cupboards).

The next morning we caught the ferry over to Padstow and spent most of our time there crabbing. Never have I been so amused by a piece of string and a rasher of bacon. By the end of it we caught 10 crabs, most of them as big as the one in R’s hand.  

As I discovered, Rick Stein basically owns half of Padstow. So, of course, our trip to this little fishing village would not have been complete without taste-testing his fish and chips.

I went for his chilli fish burger which consisted of a sesame seed bun slathered in mayo and chilli chutney and then packed with fresh, breaded fish and crispy lettuce. It was pretty tasty, I’m not going to lie.

The weather on Sunday was starkly different to Saturday’s sunshine but that didn’t dampen the beauty of the bay.

I’ve never been this far down South in England before so the whole weekend, with these beautiful Cornish views, blew my mind.


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