Review: The TownHouse

The TownHouse, on Whiteladies Road, has got to be one of my favourite restaurants in Bristol.

For £10, between 12-7pm Monday-Friday and 12-6pm on Saturdays, you can enjoy a very tasty three course meal.

Now you’re probably wondering why I’ve given you the exact days and times. I can assure you that I’ve not been paid to say this, I just feel like not enough people/students know about it, and I’ve been so many times that I know exactly how good it is.

On Friday the Epigram editorial team took over the back room. It’s around the second or third time we’ve wined and dined here, and it’s about the fourth or fifth time I’ve been as a university student. It’s a really popular venue for student societies, you can probably tell why…

There is just one thing I want to mention before I share the photos of our meal, in the past we’ve had problems with portions sizes. Last time we were there (in April), it tasted great but there wasn’t quite enough food.

But, my oh my, how that has changed!

In fact, this time, it tasted sooo good and there was sooo much on my plate that by the end of the meal I literally had to take myself to bed. I was that full.

Scroll down to see just how delicious this meal was for yourselves: 

Notice how I tried to go all edgy with my Instagram filters and just ended up with a very cloudy image… good one Jordan.

Poor image editing skills aside, I think I genuinely died and went to heaven with this starter. Normally I really don’t rate this part of the meal.

Starters are usually small, pretty mediocre and, quite often, a waste of time.

However, with this beef on hot dripping toast with horseradish, pesto, capers, and parsley salad, I was completely blown away. IT TASTED SO GOOD.

No other starter is going to be able to compete with this; but if anyone wants to give it a go, hit me up and I’ll let you know how yours compares.  

After the starter, it only got better.

My main was a deconstructed chicken and mushroom puff pastry pie with grated runner beans.

The last time I was here I had the steak with chips and rocket salad. It was okay, but, you know, you can get steak anywhere.

This chicken pie really switched it up though. It was a decent size, really creamy, and the pastry was lovely and crisp.

The meal’s finale was just perfect.

Chocolate cake with raspberry sauce and vanilla cream. Offt, it was so delish.

Really well balanced, the raspberry added a fuller, deeper flavour to this slice of chocolate goodness.

I encourage every student to visit here at least once. It’s well worth your money and even though there’s a set menu with the deal, it still has a great variety. Three courses for £10 is just incredible.

Louisa Wendorff, Riptide/Skinny Love/Ho Hey Mashup
Great three way mashup paired with a great three course meal


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