Review: Masis’ Armenian Restaurant

Tucked away, next to the metro stop in Brooklands, Manchester, is Masis’.

Sandwiched between an ageing, curtained Chinese restaurant and a closed down shop front, this little Armenian restaurant doesn’t look like much, but don’t be fooled by its exterior. What it doesn’t have going for it on the outside, they make up for on the inside.

The lighting is soft and cosy, the walls are lined with bottles of wine and olive oil, and the tables are spaced just far apart that you can enjoy a privacy conversation but just close enough that dinner still feels like a communal, shared, and friendly event.

When we sat down for dinner we were pretty much the only ones there, but it soon filled up. It’s obvious that this is a popular neighbourhood joint.





And it’s clear why. The pictures above show our meat meze, a busy sharing platter packed full of tender lamb kebabs and moist falafel.

Their fresh Middle Eastern salads and cuscus were supremely tasty.

It was great value for money and almost too much food for just the two of us (but don’t worry, we managed it).

For our mains we picked out two different types of skewered meat. Mine: prawns cooked in parley, lemon, chilli and garlic, with charred peppers and shallots. Mother’s: succulent lamb and veg.



Both dishes came with flavoured rice, roasted peppers and onions on the side.

The rice also came with a mildy spicy tomato sauce, served separately so that you had the choice of adding it on. I was mildly apprehensive about this addition but it turned out to be delicious, and I ended up over enthusiastically drowning my rice in it…

Overall Masis’ was really impressive.  The restaurant defied expectation and served up some really great food. It’s clear that this place is run by someone who knows what they’re doing.

Michael Bublé, Feeling Good
Masis’ also had a thing for Mr Bublé (no joke)


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