Review: The Alchemist, In Pictures

This time I’m doing things a little bit different. Instead of writing up a review where I rave about how grand and atmospheric Alchemist’s newly-refurbished space is, how fantastic their food was, and how exciting their cocktail menu can be, I thought that this time I’d let the food and drink speak for itself.


These particular photos were taken at their North Avenue restaurant in Spinningfields, Manchester. They feature their bubbly peach iced tea mocktail, the coco coffee crunch mocktail, and their delicious satay salmon with a tangy oriental vegetable salad. E also got a tasty spicy bean wrap and bok choi with sweet chilli and soybut they’re not pictured here.






The whole meal came to about £32 between us, which was far less than we were expecting. This place is casual enough that you can go for a quick lunch and cheeky cocktail, but also sophisticated enough that you could arrange for a dinner date or even an informal business meeting over drinks.

We really enjoyed our meal and the hour and a half we spent in there, and when neither of us are driving, we’ll definitely be back to sample the alcoholic side of the cocktail menu!

Darker Than Blue, Ghetto Funk
Let’s go for some classy tunes going this time


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