Review: Falafel King

No doubt  if you scroll through all the Bristol student food blogs, and probably most of the instagrams, you’ll stumble upon some mention of the legendary Falafel King.

Situated just behind the library, on Cotham hill, these guys are perfectly placed for a mid-revision-break snack.

With their reasonable prices and perfect location it’s no wonder why they’re so popular.

This was my first experience of Falafel King, but their delicious Falafel in laffa with all the salads decorated with garlic mayonnaise and mango dressing transformed a bad day into something good – so no doubt I’ll be back again!

 (I apologise for the pictures of my half eaten laffa, but look how vibrant and delicious it looks! If you could taste with your eyes you’d be crying with joy right now)

Major Lazer & DJ Snake, Lean on (feat Mø)
Forget Dominos, Falafal King has become my new pick me up


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