Review: Black Milk Cereal Drive

Every student who’s ever dared to venture off of Market Street in search of their inner hipster knows exactly what building towers over Church Street on the fringes of Manchester’s Northern Quarter.

Affleck’s Palace, the only place in Manchester where you could rekit your whole wardrobe with some wavey garms, vintage threads and multiple fancy-dress costumes in under 10 steps… and 10 minutes!

Then after doing so you’d still have time to get your hair cut at the tiny Palace barbers, get a quick henna tattoo… or a real one if you’re up for it, and, if you’re in the mood, you could nip into the Rubber Plantation for a quick giggle at their selection of lubes and fetish wear.

This place has got everything you could think of. And the most amazing bit? It’s all crammed into four floors, which makes it all the more exciting.

Sounds a little strange doesn’t it? Normally the last thing you want when you’re shopping is a cramped environment but with Affleck’s it’s organised chaos, and it’s amazing to see how many shops, with all their variety of wares, that they’ve managed to cram building.

If you’re confused by this description then the only solution is to go check it out for yourselves, If you love a bit of hipster grunge, fancy sweet treats, and independent shops who are passionate about what they do, then you won’t be disappointed.

So, now that I’ve set the scene, let’s talk about Black Milk.


These guys opened in March and since returning to Manc I’ve been desperate to go and check them out. But, as I spent the majority of my summer in the pool training with GB water polo, I’ve only just got round to it.

However, let me tell you now, it was well worth the wait.




These guys know how to do cereal, and they know how to do it in style. There is no doubt that this will be the snazziest bowl of cereal you will ever eat.

They have a ridiculous variety, not to mention countless toppings, and even flavoured milk to spice things up.


After perusing the menu we decided that our best bet was to ask the guys that worked there to hook us up with a decent bowl, and this is what we got:


It’s a milk chocolate bowl filled with Fruit Loops and Captain Crunch topped with marshmallows and a Dime bar. Our milk was just your regular old semi-skimmed but it did the job.

I’d never eaten Fruit Loops before and I was so excited to try them because when I was younger, I used to read loads of American young adult books. You know the kind I’m talking about … yes it’s the Twilight kind. Anyway, as a way of depicting the typical experience of a young American, they always name drop foods like Mountain Dew and Pop Tarts.

Writers describe these foods in really positive terms and I’m always curious to see whether they’re just casting them in that light in the hopes that one day their book will be picked up and made into film so that then they can earn an extra bit of cash with product placement. Or, from a less cynical perspective, whether they actually just really rate them.

So yep, for the reasons I just described, I was quite pleased to see that we’d ended up with some Fruit Loops.


As it turned out, this for once was not a worthwhile wait.

Fruit Loops taste like Rennie’s. I was expecting great things and I ended up eating a cereal that tasted like fruity indigestion tablets.

What a shame, but while I wasn’t keen on the loops, J didn’t seem to mind and he finished them off for me.

Overall the bowl was pretty great. It was certainly a novel experience and I deffo want to go back to make my own cheese cake and try one of their shakes.

In November, I’m in London almost every other weekend so who knows, maybe I’ll also get a chance to check out the UK’s original cereal cafe: Cereal Killer Cafe.


Let’s shake things up, instead of a song I think you should check out this Ted talk by Gary Whitehall
Stop Making Excuses. Create your own reality.
After all, it’s rather appropriate.
Somewhere some guy dreamt that he could have breakfast cereal all day, and he made a business out of it.


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