Joy the Baker’s Vegan Chocolate Avocado Cake

So a couple of weeks ago I attempted to make a vegan chocolate cake for one of the girls on the water polo team. We were due to travel to Hungary the week after and while we were there she was going to turn eighteen.

Since I’ve never made anything vegan before, I drafted her and a couple of other girls from the team in, and, together we gave JoyTheBaker’s vegan chocolate avocado cake recipe a go.

*Because it’s not my recipe, the link to Joy’s blog has been linked throughout, just click on the darker words and it’ll take you straight over to her site


Now, I’m not going to lie, this was the weirdest cake I’ve ever made.

The recipe requires you to sub-out the butter and eggs for oil and avocado and, when we did this, the whole time we were stood there, mixing the wet ingredients together, going: ‘this isn’t going to work, I don’t understand how is it going to work. This hurts my brain. This isn’t cake mix, there’s avocado in it and its green!’



DSC05337The first thing the recipe wants you to do is mix all the wet ingredients together, which is what you can see us doing above.

Also note that I don’t have a food processor in my mum’s house, and I have no idea where my handheld one from uni has gone, which is why we decided to mash the avocado with my boot-shaped potato masher…. sophisticated baking at its best.

After the wet ingredients are combined, everything else goes into the bowl, and that’s when the mix eventually starts to look like cake:

DSC05339Once that’s done, into the oven the cake goes, and when that happened, finally our minds started to accept that maybe, just maybe, it was going to turn out like a normal and decent tasting cake…

DSC05341And, in actual fact, it did. The sponge rose to an acceptable level, and it looked like a pretty appetising chocolate cake… that is until we had to ice it with some sugary mashed avocado frosting.

When we went to do just that, once again we were left thinking: ‘what has life come to when you’re adding sugar and lemon juice to a mushed vegetable?’

DSC05342Now the deep chocolatey brown colour of the cake against the bright, healthy-looking green of the icing looks pretty wicked.

There’s no denying that the clash of colours on this cake looks great, but just because something looks cool, that doesn’t always mean that it tastes just as good.



DSC05353 DSC05354So how did it taste? Well, the cake had a bit of a crunch, and I put that down to the amount of oil and sugar in it, but it still tasted pretty decent.

The icing was a whole other kettle of fish, however.

Maybe if the avocado had been smoother, and maybe if we had put just a little more lemon juice in it, then it might have been a great addition, but, there’s no denying that our version of Joy’s frosting wasn’t the best thing I’ve ever tasted.

There’s something about the fact that it was made out of avocado that I couldn’t get my head around. It had an odd consistency and its slippery texture did not pair well with the firm, crumbliness of the chocolate cake.

If you’ve watched Bake Off this week, and if you want to know how well this cake went down with the non-vegans in the room, then just recall the way Mary Berry reacted to the hipster guy’s Beetroot Black Forest Gateaux and then you’ll understand.

H, who was the only vegan of the group, seemed to enjoy it so although everyone else was a little unimpressed, maybe, in actual fact, this vegan chocolate avocado cake is just an acquired taste.

I’d definitely recommend giving this recipe a go because why not try something different for a change? Who knows, you might fall in love and find that you’ve found your new go-to cake mix.

Vance Joy, Georgia
Can’t get enough of this guy ❤


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