Mashed Avocado and Giraffe Toast

It’s official, I’ve submitted my last essay of second year, no more coursework for me!

This term has been super hectic and it’s felt like all my deadlines have been all at once, but two more exams and it’ll all be over. I am so ready for summer.

To celebrate the fact that I’m nearly free, here’s some delicious mashed avocado and smoked salmon chunks spread over giraffe toast:






Calling all students looking to eat well on a budget, Sainsbury’s Basics smoked salmon bits is definitely something you should have in your basket. It’s literally the random cuts of the fish that they can’t use so its really cheap, and is perfect for this kind of meal.

Wondering how to make this? It’s pretty easy:

1. Remove the avocado from it’s skin
2. Place in a bowl and use a fork to mash
3. Once mashed mix in the smoked salmon bits and add a few drops of lemon
4. Spread over your toast and season with salt and pepper

This is my favourite kind of breakfast. It’s healthy, tastes good, and brewing coffee in my miniature bailetti is always fun.

Lunch Money Lewis, Bills
Reason to get a degree: so you can pay the bills when you’re a successful adult, I feel ya Lewis


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  1. This is one of my favourite breakfasts! Full of nutrients to feed the body and mind. The Sainsbury’s basic smoked salmon pieces also go great with scrambled egg. 🙂

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