Hello Again Feat. An Adventure Or Two

Hello again! Yes I’m back. I’ve been away, I hope you guys noticed my absence … it’s been over a month after all.

I’ve been incredibly busy with uni, Epigram and water polo, and I’m sorry to say that the blog has taken a hit. HOWEVER, now I’m back, and ready to share with you guys all that’s been happening… not that anything massively exciting has been going on, but because loads of little fun things have, and because, you know, sharing is caring.

So last month, I went on the uni ski trip. 

Reality hurts, take me back #ski #skiing #skitrip #alpedhuez #uni #timelapse

A video posted by Jordan Kelly-Linden (@livingoffcaffeineandglitter) on Apr 5, 2015 at 6:02am PDT

For the first time ever, I went skiing with a bunch of people my own age and you know what? It was so much fun. Since the age of two I’ve always just skied with my family, so going on the university ski trip was a completely new, alcohol-fueled experience.

For the first time ever aprés became a real thing, and if you check out my Instagram (not the one above) you’ll see that it was beyond ridiculous.

Drunk students trying to ski down the mountain is a sight to see, and I would definitely recommend going on a university ski trip at least once… if not twice if you’re that keen.

A week and a bit after that I had a water polo training camp in Nice.

Don’t want to go back to Manchester 😔 #Nice A photo posted by Jordan Kelly-Linden (@livingoffcaffeineandglitter) on Apr 19, 2015 at 9:12am PDT

Training in an outdoor pool is definitely my favourite, and it beats Manchester Aquatics or Bristol university’s pool hands down.

We didn’t have a great experience of Nice’s food, but we did consume an unhealthy amount of ice-cream in one sitting. The variety of flavours you can get in Nice is insane, there are so many ridiculous flavours:

Waaaa deadlines. Give me Nutella and Lotus biscuit ice-cream please #icecream #Nutella #lotusbiscuit #france #Nice

A photo posted by Jordan Kelly-Linden (@livingoffcaffeineandglitter) on Apr 20, 2015 at 10:21am PDT



Nice is so pretty, and I definitely want to go again to spend less time in the pool, and more exploring the city and all of its foodie potential.

After Nice I was straight back to uni where I got caught up in a whirlwind of deadlines, applications and end of year meals. The meals provided a lovely break between the deadlines but one went better than the other.

The first was our ‘Farewell Epigram’ meal last Wednesday:

Epigram Living and Style (plus a little bit of Travel) looking super cute at the #farewellEpigram meal Thanks @_hanprice for snapping this! A photo posted by Jordan Kelly-Linden (@livingoffcaffeineandglitter) on May 2, 2015 at 10:59am PDT

The whole editorial team came together to say goodbye and to celebrate writers’ and editors’ achievements from across the whole year. Epigram Living won an award for the ‘most interactive section’, and you know what that means? … People enjoy the inappropriate giffs I slot into articles – success.

We enjoyed 3 courses for £10 at the Townhouse on Whiteladies. Although the portions were on the small side, everything tasted amazing and their raspberry sorbet was to die for!

On Friday of that same week I also attended the press launch for Bristol Food Connections and had another sit down dinner for the university’s swimming and water polo club AGM.

At the press launch, I got to go behind the scenes of Bristol Food Connections


The press launch marked the beginning of  a city-wide food festival which, over the course of nine days, celebrates the culture and diversity of Bristol’s foodie community. At the press event I got to talk to real journalists and food stylists, and even had a drink with the guys behind Eat Drink Bristol Fashion.

You can check out the listical I made for Epigram, and although it might be just a little bit too late to get involved with the festival (there’s one day left), there’s always next year:

7 Reasons why you should definitely check out Bristol Food Connections

As soon as the press event was over I had to run home to get ready for our club AGM.

We’d booked out Racks, a restaurant behind the Victoria Rooms, and it was a very civilised affair. That is, it was until we all went to Spoons and started a glitter fight, a glitter fight that ended with me on the floor with possible concussion.

Within two hours of being elected as co-captain with G, already one of my teammates had injured me. Putting aside the pain and the bizarreness of the situation, how I ended up I sustaining that injury (imagine a matrix back bend aided by someone’s hand to your face) was very funny.

The next day I somehow managed to drag myself out of bed and run round to @Bristol for two Bristol Food Connection talks. The first event was on how to be a food stylist, and the second was on how to make your blog into your job. Both of these proved not only to be very relevant, but they both also ended up being really interesting!

AND despite the fact I felt grim, my face was covered in glitter, and I had a great big bruise on my forehead I somehow managed to make a room full of serious journalists and successful adults laugh. Martin Booth from Bristol 24/7 and Xanthe Clay from the Telegraph were discussing the importance of reliable content vs steering clear of tired topics and I decided to put my hand up and ask how the Living section of Epigram could avoid doing this.

From the wonder that is Google analytics, we quite often find our most popular content always has something to do with scandalous sex stories or how we underestimate the value of beans on toast as a well-rounded meal. Apparently everyone in the room found this fact funny… which was great, but I never really got my answer. So readers, if you think Living are producing too much content about student relationships or beans on toast, I advice you to direct your complaints towards these guys, who no doubt will tell you, as they told me, that popular content is popular content and there’s no real need to move away from that.

So that’s it, you’re pretty much caught up on where I’ve been and what I’ve been doing.

Next weekend I’ll be in Dublin representing the senior Scottish women’s water polo team the eight nations tournament, and between then I have 4,000 words to write and an exam to revise for so I can’t promise that loads of content will be going up between now and then.

What I can do, however, is tell you that the next post will be all about avocados and giraffe bread, so watch out for that one.

Joey Ba$$ & Klesza, Teach me
– Teach me how to be a responsible adult with my deadlines then we can talk about dancing


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