Giant cuscus super salad

I made a rainbow – a rainbow made of really healthy food – and it tasted so GOOD.

Check out my giant cuscus super salad, with the recipe listed below:










 What you’ll need: 

1 Serving of giant cuscus, pre-cooked
1 Serving of fresh spinach
1 Packet of Italian ham
1  Peach, cubed
2 Peaches, quartered (Like above)
2 Figs, cubed
1/2 of a Pink Lady apple
1/4 of a cucumber, cubed
Soya Sauce


1) Precook your cuscus and leave to cool.
2) While this is cooling, wash all your fruit and veg. Leave to dry.
3) Once dry, begin cubing the cucumber, figs, apple and peach. Set aside.
4) Quarter the peach, make sure you don’t accidentally cut into the pip – it’ll blunt your knife.
4) Next, get the ham, and cut into thin strips.
5) Take the strips and wrap them around your peaches, then place the peaches in a non-stick pan and gently warm.
6) Now compile your salad. Mix all the fruit, leaves, the rest of the ham, and cuscus together and place on a plate.
7) Take the warm peaches and arrange/pile them in the middle of your salad.
8) Mix one part honey with two parts soya sauce and drizzle over everything, and you’re done, it’s ready to eat.

The best bit about this is the warm peaches, they really compliment the zing of the fruit and the saltiness of the ham. You could keep the cuscus warm too, but it could prove to be a little bit too much and a little overwhelming.

This is one of those kinds of salads you could totally put in a mason jar / tupperware box (if you’re a normal person), and take away as a pack-lunch. It probably takes about 10 minutes to toss together as well, which is perfect if you’re in a rush but want some guaranteed deliciousness.

Kanye West, Power
– BUCS water polo Semi-Finals in a week. Time to get the pre-match playlist sorted.


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