Fruit and Nut Milk Chocolate Bark

Hey Internet, had a nice Christmas break but sad that reality has returned? Yeah, me too, but don’t worry because even though most of us are returning to work and blowing the dust off of our course books to sit down and revise, I have just the thing to preserve the holiday cheer.

Courtesy of Love and Lemons, one of the amazing food blogs firmly bookmarked on my safari browser, I give you a Christmasy chocolate slab.

Note: they’ve called it chocolate bark, which is actually quite a cool concept if you think about, but I was given a whole load of Hotel Chocolate for Christmas so I’m following this company’s lead.


Yeh, I roped A into making this with me. I lured her in with the promise of homemade gingerbread, but changed the agenda last minute. Think all was forgiven though when we had to break up the slab, the violence involved was a sight to see.

Credit for the idea and recipe obvious goes to Love and Lemons, the only thing we changed here was to use Cadbury dairy milk and pomegranate seeds instead of cranberries and cooking chocolate. It tasted really nice, and if it hadn’t started melt quite so quickly I would be tempted to give it out a Christmas present (to join Rapper’s delight and the face scrub).

Hotel Chocolate, does loads of these slab type things with many delicious combinations. Maybe in the future I’ll have a play around with some of my own, but for now I’m just going to tuck into the last of the slab, return to my desk, and try to get some work done / you know, watch the Tudor’s on Netflix. Motivation is so very low right now because January exams clash with my birthday, and I’m not even sure the copious amounts of chocolate I’ve been consuming can or even will get me up and back on track… Someone, somewhere please send help/some energy drinks.

Hermitude, HyperParadise (Flume Remix)
–Yes. Just yes is literally all I can say to this, offt.


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