Taste testing Rapper’s Delight recipes

A few weeks ago I was tasked with reviewing a new cookbook for Epigram. All the recipes in it are inspired by well-known hiphop artists and it is probably the most unconventional cookbook you’ve ever seen.

When I was first given it I wanted to review it by hosting a dinner party with the rest of the Living team to taste-test three of the recipes, but as it turned out, we were all running around trying to finish essays and god knows what else before the end of term, and getting us all together ended up being too much of a task.

Even though that plan failed, I was determined to try out the recipes (if you read my review, you’ll know why). So after I left Bristol for the Christmas holidays, I ended up testing them by myself at home… which, I have to say, worked out well for my bank balance – thanks mum.

Originally, the Epigram article was going to feature all these photos, but as soon as I started writing up the review I realised it wouldn’t work; there were too many I wanted to include and they distracted from the review which was pitching the book as a last minute stocking filler or a go-to-present idea. So instead, I’ve brought them over here, to my blog (hi guys) so if you’re interested to see how the taste-tests went, keep scrolling:

First up, I gave their DM Eggs Benedict a go: 

DSC04137 DSC04139DSC04147DSC04148DSC04161DSC04163

This recipe was an experience and a half. I was not expecting to make the Hollandaise sauce from scratch, but it was fun and now I know more about what I’m eating (i.e. turns out tarragon tastes like aniseed).

I also successfully poached some eggs. I’m shamefully bad at poaching them, and the only other time I’ve actually managed to pull it off was way back in the post: ‘Well that’s erotic…’. Fortunately, there’s a section at the back of Rapper’s Delight titled ‘advanced methods’ where it elaborates on steps not included in the recipes, this was surprisingly, and particularly useful in this instance.

Next, I cooked up some Method Lamb Koftas:


So the first picture is entirely misleading, there isn’t ginger in this recipe, I got it a little confused with the stroganoff. I’m also not entirely convinced I put enough cumin in the lamb mince, but other than that these were pretty delicious.

With the two starters out the way, my little sister was begging for dessert so I made the M.O. Peach Cobbler and saved the actual main for the next day.


It wasn’t in the recipe to decorate with extra peaches (well nectarines in this case thanks to ma mère) but all of them wouldn’t fit in the baking tray so I just chucked them on, and in the end I’m glad I did.

The cobbler was nice, but it had the weirdest consistency. I think it was meant to be like a sponge but thanks to the fruit and the fact that the butter went in separately, there was far too much liquid in the mix. Thankfully though, the ice-cream and extra peaches sorted that right out.

And finally, I rustled up some Snoop Stroganoff:

…I didn’t lay the ingredients out for the rest of these like the other three because the mushrooms and beef were too ugly, so these photos start half way through the cooking process.


This was my favourite dish to make. The marinade for the beef was incredible, and it inspired my Christmas Eve spicy prawns which I marinated in similar ingredients (I substituted the sherry for honey).

As I said in my review for Epigram, the book has some solid recipes in there, and taste-testing them was actually really fun.

Adele, Skyfall
–Felt an intense song would be fitting for this post



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