DIY Presents: The Christmas Edition

Christmas is expensive, everyone knows that. After buying presents for your flatmates, that course mate – who’s notes you’ve guilty of stealing one too many times – and that distant aunt you’ve met once, the pennies start to rack up. But fear not Internet, because I have a Christmas-time solution for you that won’t drain your bank account.

So calling all cash-strapped students, busy body craft fiends, and even those forgetful people who need a quick crowd pleasing present, check out my homemade chocolate orange face scrub. One trip to TK Maxx (if you’re not a jam jar hoarder already) and another to your local supermarket with a quick deviation to Holland and Barrett and you’re sorted.

Here’s what you’ll need:


 2 x 0.5l Jars (or lots of smaller ones)
300g of Soft light brown sugar
180g of Cocoa powder
10g of Ground cinnamon
40 Drops of orange essential oil (use your sense of smell to gauge)
500ml of oil (if you’re fancier than me go for coconut oil or something)

Basically, all you have to do it sieve all the dry ingredients into a bowl and then slowly mix in the oils. You might find that you don’t need the whole 500mls of oil, you want the scrub to be bitty and not too smooth– that’s the point right?

I took a bunch of action shots (with my left hand, they’re a little blurry my bad) so keep scrolling to see the powdery mixture transform into something worthy of Willy-Wonka’s chocolate factory:

DSC03816 DSC03817 DSC03818 DSC03819 DSC03820 DSC03821 DSC03822


Yay, so many action shots… here’s some more:

DSC03835 DSC03836 DSC03837

Thanks E for letting me use and abuse you to take these photos.

Anyway, so here’s what the end product looked like:



It looks so luscious and smooth:

DSC03843I was going to make a rose out of orange peel and dry it out in the oven and rest it on top… but then I realised that not only did I have to take these from Bristol to Manchester but I also have to take them from Manchester from Glasgow. Decorations are cute, but not if they’re half submerged in chocolate scrub…

So, anyway, there you have it, a chocolate orange homemade face scrub. I’m guessing that, unless you live in a poorly stocked student kitchen like me, you probably have most of the ingredients ferreted away in your kitchen. And if not, it won’t cost you the world to go out and source them.

The jars cost me about £2.50, and in the end the most expensive part of the scrub ended up being the essential oil. Cheap and easy, but most importantly, a pretty sweet (pun intended) stocking filler.

James Newton Howard ft. Jennifer Lawrence, The Hanging Tree’
–Every time this come up on Spotify, it makes me want to crack out the Hunger Games books. and read the series all over again. But then again, maybe, instead I’ll just settle for the films….


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