Christmas is coming

Christmas isn’t complete without a game of secret Santa. This particular one is from the High Performance Xmas meal the other week:


10867017_10204522698720808_1919382968_nAfter opening my parcel, one of our mentors jokingly asked if I was going to blog this. At the time I laughed, but in actually fact it’s some pretty good tea, so it at least deserves a mention.

… I also have 2 essays to write, and although I have a really good blog lined up, I don’t have time to lay it up, so this makes for a nice, cute filler for the week.

Anyway, you know what the best part about secret Santa is? Finding out who yours was.


It pains me a little that I haven’t got clue, but I guess I’m just going to have to get over that one… and probably get on with my work. So yep, until next time (there will be chocolate, I promise), bubye.

Robert Delong, Long way down
–That intro tho



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