The Canteen

A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to attend a workshop at The Canteen up in Stokes Croft. I was there as a member of Bristol’s high performance squad and the whole event was centred around sports nutrition.

Over the course of the evening we spoke about loads of different things, from what to eat after you come out of the pool to the amount of food you should be having in relation to your training and weight. The organisers covered some pretty interesting things and despite the fact that I’ve attended countless nutrition talks before I did end up learning stuff / was reminded of a few things I have forgotten over the years.

While we were up there we also got to try a few recipes, like a muesli shake and rice pudding, and we even teamed up and competed against each other to make a couple of well-balanced meals. The things we made ended up being surprisingly exotic:




So pictured above is a spanish omelette and a kedgeree. We also made a Tagine but didn’t have time to serve it up before the organisers started judging us.

In the end, our team won (not going to lie I would have been pretty miffed if we hadn’t) and our prize ended up being a pot of one of the key spices in the Tagine called ras el hanout. This spice has rose petals in and is a very odd flavour. Think sweet but not if that makes sense … it is basically very Moroccan and now sitting in my kitchen cupboard.


*Cough* let’s try to ignore the fact that the photo above clearly demonstrates that I can’t spell kedgeree …

Anyway, the Canteen is an unexpectedly cool venue. It’s basically the ultimate arts hub. The ground floor is taken over by a very glittery, very hipster bar, and each floor continues on in a similarly creative way.

The floor we ended up on was a community kitchen with wooden benches and the largest supply of kitchen equipment you have ever seen. Also, right outside the window where we were cooking is Banksy’s Mild Mild West piece; so even if you’re not interested in the kitchen space, I throughly recommend checking The Canteen out.

Overall, the evening was fun and quite useful and in a later post I’m also going to make another recipe they gave us – it is literally the best tomato pasta I have ever tasted.

Ella Eyre, If I go
–Think I’ve mentioned this before but I’ve a massive girl crush on her.
I want her hair please.


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