Nigella’s Cherry Coke Ham

Oh my oh my, first term has been hectic. With sports, socials and reading to get through I’ve been pressed for time. And who knew being an online editor for the student paper would be time-consuming – not me, underestimated that one for sure. Oh well. It’s been fun, if not a little stressful … but a little stress never hurt anyone, right?

I’ve just got back from Wales as well. The High Performance team had a residential over there and I’ve been ‘team building’ all weekend. And by team building I mean: slinging mud at people and having buckets of water tipped over you.

The weekend has basically consisted of a little aggression, a few airborne movements and lot and lots of dirt. Nothing new there really, we were all in our element, pretty much everyday for us athletes. You know us, we love finding mud up our noses and in our ears. No, but seriously though, it was hilarious and I’m glad I went, even if I initially tried to get out of it.

Anyway let’s get back on track and discuss food. About a week ago I made coca cola ham. It’s a Nigella recipe, and I made it with the wrong ingredients … but let’s just forget about that and look at how gross it once looked and then how nice I managed to present it: DSC03606 This isn’t great, it looks a bit scruddy BUT THEN that’s where the Jamie Oliver cheese board comes in to save the day. DSC03613DSC03616 This is literally the most versatile plate / board thing I own. It’s had cookies on it, bread, this ham … umm, yeh that’s kind of it really but SO MUCH POTENTIAL.

Yep I just got excited over a cheese board, now back to ham. This was a relatively cheap thing to make. You usually get about 500gs of chicken for £5 in my local Sainsbury’s but I managed to get 1kg off ham off of Asda for the same price. My housemates and I lived off of it for about three days as well so it was quite a solid investment.

Also, I mentioned before that I made this with the wrong ingredients. Basically, I didn’t have any cloves or treacle. So in true student style I winged it and I substituted the treacle glaze for honey, and I used cherry coke instead of plain coke because it was cheaper. In all honesty, the stuff I used instead of Nigella’s suggestions made very little difference, it tasted just as sweet and really nice anyway.

Between this and the ‘correct’ version I made at Christmas, you couldn’t really tell the difference. However, I would describe this as a successful mishap because the glaze definitely didn’t go to plan either.

Oh well.

And on that rather unfortunate note, I’ve got to leave you. I’m tremendously ill and my housemates are misbehaving … I’m going to have to intervene/join in.

Milky Chance, Stolen Dance
– I could just fall asleep to this


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