Earl Grey Tea and Lemon Cupcakes

I bought these really cute cupcake cases from an art shop in August and have only just got round to using them. I was in one of those situations where they’re almost too pretty to use but at the same time their only purpose is to be used … do you know what I mean? – No, probably not haha. Anyway, I’ve literally spent the whole day in the kitchen: cooking, baking, messing about and eating. It’s not been productive, but I’ve had fun. DSC03578 DSC03601 This is the first time that I’ve ever piped icing, and while it didn’t go amazingly well, they kind of work. Noone complained at least! There was good words all around, I think. Plus, when I gave these Earl Grey and Lemon iced cupcakes to my housemates, one, in her hungover state, jokingly said that by eating these she was on a detox. She was referring to the weird trends of drinking tea, and lemon water etc that people do to be healthy. Her hilarious comment inspired my sarcastic title. I won’t claim this recipe as mine, it’s off bakingmad.com, but I will say cupcakes are the easiest bakes to make. The sugar, the butter and flour are always in equal measure. Making the tea flavouring wasn’t hard either, you just have to brew three teabags in a couple of teaspoons of boiling water, and bam instant ‘syrup’.

 They were really nice and you could actually taste the tea, so I’m going to be bold and say they were a success. If you’ve got any cool combos, let me know in the comments, I need some more cupcakes in my life.

MKTO, Classic – I just had to, it’s so catchy


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