Creamy Chicken and Bacon Pasta

I’ve officially moved back to Bristol and, out of the murk, second year is starting to take shape. This week I’ve been getting to know the new team at the student paper and I’m really excited to start commissioning articles as the Online Living editor. Uni hasn’t started yet, but Epigram has and we’ve been working hard to get the first issue ready for Freshers’ fair next Friday.

A new year, means a new house. The highs and lows of halls are slowly receding into the past and new memories are beginning to be made. A few traumatic experiences have already happened. One being an infestation of slugs in the kitchen and another involved a silly engineer opening the washing machine while it was on in order to fix the broken door handle. The carpet is still wet. Thank you Flatline.

Anyway, let’s not focus on that, let’s think about the fact that I made my first ‘sophisticated’ meal in the new kitchen on Monday. So now, without further adieu I give you my creamy chicken pasta.


This is the coolest pasta, its heart-shaped (see below for a closer look) and a few of them are pink.


I made the pasta sauce from scratch but kind of winged it and I’m not sure how much I used of this and that. Rather than giving you a recipe I’m going to post the picture of all my ingredients below and list them to give a general feel. The only thing missing from the photo is the white wine, but I only used a dash of that so it’s not essential.

DSC03544In the sauce: 

Half a pot of Double cream
A handful of Grated cheddar cheese
A dash of white wine
Knob of butter
Two cloves of garlic
A couple of shallots
Chopped Thyme

Extra ingredients: 

Unsmoked Bacon
Sugar snap peas

If you like the look of this pasta, maybe don’t do what I did and wing it, grab a general recipe off the internet and then sub in my ingredients … or your own.

This tasted great – if I don’t say so myself  – it was just missing one thing which I have a feeling might have been mascarpone cheese. More mascarpone, less cream is what I’m thinking. Anyway, if you do give it a go let me know below how it turns out!

Outkast, Hey Ya
–Dancing around the kitchen to this right now


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