Chocolate Cherries

Sometimes you’ve got to spoil yourself. Whether that involves a shopping spree or a cosy day in bed, you’ve just got to indulge in a spot of me time once in a while. My preferred route, is to chow down on a crate load of chocolate but this time I decided to up my game and push the boat out.

So you might be asking, how do you take this food of the Gods that step further?
Answer: you dip strawbs and cherries in it and you make them look pretty.
That my friends, is how you do it … you’re welcome.



I could post a recipe on here, to tell you how to replicate these, but no doubt it would just read as chocolate, chocolate, some strawberry rocks, some fruit and more chocolate. So while I don’t see the point in that, I will tell you that it’s worth leaving these in the fridge over night or for a few hours at least so the chocolate has time to set. And, I will also advise you… and my future self, to plan any decorations out before you begin lest you be left with this:

DSC03540I apologise to those of you who have OCD but this is the good and bad side of improv foodery (my new word for foodstuffs that doesn’t involve cooking).

 Curtis Mayfield, Move on up
–Heading to Dublin with the Scottish Water Polo team this weekend, it’s going to be fab


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