Lavender and White Chocolate Chip Cookies

Guys, I made lavender and white chocolate chip cookies, and they were magical!


However, never have cookies taken so long to make. I think the mixture kept me busy for at least 2 hours, which is completely disproportionate to the time they spent in the oven (10 minutes).

The thing is, its not like it was a complicated bake, I just kept getting distracted. I mean this is the first time I’ve ever worked with lavender infused sugar, and the reason I couldn’t concentrate properly is because it smells and looks beautiful.

DSC03470See what I mean, it’s so unusual and its smooth scent just made me want to lie down in a hot bath with a good book.

Actually – come to think of it – I think that’s exactly what I might do now. Hope you enjoyed the look of these. I used a basic cookie recipe and just substituted in my ingredients. And if you’re harbouring any other interesting combinations, let me know below!

Opus Orange, Nothing But Time


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