Cheesy Mushroom Filo Pastry Parcels

I’m on a bit of a pastry hype, first the tart and now these parmesan and mushroom filo parcels – it seems like France and its edibles were harder to leave behind than I thought.








DSC03433So I have to admit, this is store-bought pastry. Mum has kind of adjusted to me being away at uni, and even now (having spend a good two months at home) she hates me making a mess in the kitchen. So, every time I cook, when she’s in the house, I end up being subjected to a flurry of insults about my hygiene standards and ability to clean up like a responsible adult. I’m not even that bad, I swear! Anyway, with the amount of flour that I just know would end up everywhere, is just not worth the hassle to try make the filo pastry from scratch…

Phew, okay, well now that I’ve cleared the air I’ll just let you know what’s in these pretty parcels before I wrap things up [eh eh].

So I melted some butter together with some chopped up garlic, spring onion and dill. And then I washed the pastry with it, placed some of the onion etc on top, and placed a mushroom in the centre. Alternating between parcels, I either grated some parmesan or some cheddar cheese over the top and then topped with a small sprig of dill before folding the pastry in on itself and placing on the baking tray. I then slipped them in the oven for fifteen minutes and when they were golden brown I took them out and let them cool before eating. Nom nom.

… I also made two parcels with some grilled yellow haddock instead of mushroom but I can’t tell you what they tasted like because someone else beat me to them.

Elvis Presley, Jailhouse Rock
– Tomorrow feels like its going to be one of those running-around-the-house-in-just-a-shirt-and-socks-singing-to-old-school-tunes kind of days … know the kind of day I mean?


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