Come Dine Your Way Around Manchester With Me

We celebrated mother’s birthday by eating out numerous times over the course of two weekends. Now this post isn’t going to be terribly exciting story wise, however the food I consumed over those four days was so disastrously good that not sharing it with the world would be considered a crime by most food fanatics.

So first we have my burger and mint julep cocktail from Harvey Nichols. Just look at how the cheese oozes out of the bun and over that perfect stack. I am actually dribbling just looking at it right now.

Also notice how my ketchup came in a little jar – SO FRICKIN SOPHISTICATED. This beautiful burger only cost around £10. Given Harvey Nic’s rep for exceptionally expensive but oh so fine food, it was a pretty sweet deal, don’t ya think?

Fun fact: While I was trying to eat this burger in a dignified manner, Jason Orange from Take That was sat behind us sipping red wine and typing away on his Macbook. I’m pretty sure he saw me fail to keep the stack under control and drop a bit of this burger into my lap – I’m so classy.



Okay so allow me to rewind (ranking these meals on taste rather than time they were consumed) and present my delicious king prawn linguine and V’s fancy fish and chips from a little restaurant in the village round the corner from me.

The place is called Loaf and plates up some surprisingly sophisticated dishes. I’d never had prawn linguine before and so was throughly impressed with the meal. This seafood dish is on my list of things to make so watch this space guys.

10543078_10203465065880648_1592709652_n 10567387_10203465068440712_379734861_n

Next I give you some authentic Thai food from Thaikun in the centre of Manchester.




Our starter consisted of a sharing platter that had loads of tasty meat skewers. My favourite ended up being the chicken one (front and left) because it’s flavours worked really well with all three of the dipping sauces. The pork balls (right and back) had a really interesting flavour, however the texture was a little too weird for me and I ended up slyly slipping it onto my sister’s plate, that’s what little sisters are for right?

All the dishes go by -what I’m guessing is– their Thai names which means they look really exciting on paper but, as I discovered with my main meal, they can often turn out to be simple combinations that taste good but ultimately aren’t what you aren’t expecting. So what I ended up with was some delicious coconut rice and plain battered chicken with some, but not enough, sweet chill sauce on the side. Combined with my light but rather dry Tiger beer, I couldn’t really handle it and only managed to finish the rice.

Despite a disappointing main course, the overall experience of Thaikun was great. The restaurant was loud and busy, and although this limited the conversation at the table, it was actually quite comforting to be surrounded by the soft buzz coming from the tables who were clearly enjoying their saturday night in a beautifully decorated restaurant.

After dinner we nipped round the corner to Screenfields (Thaikun can be found in the middle of Spinningfields). The tennis was on, and N managed to score herself some neon orange glasses while I was grabbing a drink – sneaky kid.

The Neighbourhood, Sweater Weather
– Certainly not cold in the Uk this week but stay tuned for my Hungarian and French adventures, loads of cool twists on simple meals coming soon


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