Mary Berry’s Fondant-Covered Victoria Sponge Cake

Hey internet, missed me? Sorry I’ve neglected you but now I’m back to give you my full attention.

So where have I been? Well, nowhere exciting really. Since my last post I’ve been training around 14 hours in and out of the pool a week, and around that I’ve only really been eating and sleeping. That said, last week things were mixed up a little and I travelled to Eger in Hungary for an overseas water polo camp with a bunch of my team mates. Now me an E are relaxing in Meribel (France) until Friday, and then its back to Manchester and training.

Now that we’ve covered that, I can get down to business… Behold, the prettiest birthday cake you did ever see, made by yours truly.

DSC03267 DSC03277

It was my mum’s birthday at the end of June and obviously, this is what I made the cake for. It’s a Victoria sponge with raspberry jam filling covered in fondant with sugar paper flowers and pink glittery lustre sprinkled everywhere. On top is my teacup filled with those edible silver balls and two white roses which I tried, and failed, to dye pink.

I made the cake myself using Mary Berry’s recipe (take a moment to bow down to the Queen of Cakes), but I bought the flowers and fondant from the shop. I hadn’t realised how hard fondant is to roll out and lay on a cake without breaking. It took numerous attempts and in the end I ended up cutting a circle for the top and then a long stripe for the sides and applying them separately. Even then it didn’t go quite to plan and I ended up loosing a bit of my stripe to the floor as it broke off mid application. The icing turned out a little bumpy which was annoying, but mum didn’t seem to mind, so oh well. Originally, I had planned on decorating the whole cake in white, pink and purple flowers but my local florist let me down on that front so I resorted to the paper flowers kindly given to me by E’s mum. Despite the faff, it all worked out in the end.


All these photos were taken at different times of the day, I tried to edit them so they’d have some sort of constancy but it’s not quite worked, so apologies for the strange lighting. Also, the glitter doesn’t seem to want to show up on these photos for some reasons so if you want to see what it looked like, check out my Instagram (on the side bar) there’s a bit of sparkle over there.

Lily Allen, Hard Out Here
Someone said I was far too honest this week. Firstly it made me laugh, secondly it made me think of Lily hehe


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