Sweet and Tangy Asparagus Spears

There’s something about pairing honey with asparagus that just makes the vegetable pop. Well, not just honey, there’s some soya sauce involved as well, but what recipe only uses two ingredients?

– Internet, don’t answer that.

DSC03222 DSC03226 DSC03233

My slightly useless grill pan in the first picture holds all the ingredients bar two (a clove of garlic and some olive oil for frying) that I used to make this. It doesn’t depict exact measurements though, as I only used two shallots after giving up trying to peel them, and I only chopped up a slither of ginger – obviously I didn’t use the whole stem.

To make this I boiled the asparagus until it was springy. While the shoots were cooking I fried the shallots, ginger and garlic, then when they were done I placed them on the plate. I then transferred the asparagus shoots into the pan and fried/grilled them until they started to change colour (/char a little). Next I threw in the honey, soya sauce and pin nuts, waiting until the liquid began to simmer before I took it all off the heat and plated up.

You don’t even have to fry this dish, it works just as well under the grill in the oven and you could definitely incorporate it into your BBQ selection.

 Alt-J, Hunger of the Pine
–So buzzed for the release of their new album


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