Alcoholic Chocolate Milk Frozen Treats

I lost my carton of chocolate milk. How did I lose my chocolate milk might you ask? Well I was drinking it, as you do … and then I left it on my windowsill behind my blind and forgot about it. Gross I know, but from this act of stupidity I ended up making something great.

Internet, I give you super chocolatey boozy lollies and frozen bites:

10489855_10203235859190624_4574949843201471169_n 10478575_10203235858550608_1799065073534069926_n 10352401_10203235858510607_5652518914420748275_n 10436343_10203235858470606_7365461115155316393_n

So I took some chocolate milk (not the same cartoon that I lost), some crushed up Dime bars and an egg cup measure of some Spanish liquor that carries quite a distinct sweet vanilla flavour and mixed them up together. I then poured half the mixture into my ice-lolly moulds and the rest into a heart-shaped ice tray and put them both in the freezer.

The next day I retrieved them and was left with these:

10390159_10203235860110647_608005526741409968_n 10401436_10203235860270651_8833286567853327304_n

The green lolly was the only one I could get out of the mould. In fact, the rest are still in there because I haven’t got the patience to wait for them to defrost properly before I attempt to prize them out again.

Generally, these worked out really well. The chocolate has a really full flavour with undercurrents of caramel and vanilla. However, the heart shape  bites are a bit awkward to eat. Because they’re frozen, it’s hard to bite into them and they’re just a little bit too big to pop straight into your mouth.

You know how they say you should put frozen grapes in your wine instead of ice cubes, because when the ice melts it just waters down your wine, and no one wants that do they? Well, I think the bites would work a lot better in exactly the same context … only with milk not wine.

Ed Sheeran, SING
–Each day he’s releasing a new song off his new album, exciting stuff!

P.s. Did you know that the chocolate milk I used had a “Healthy Fact” on the back of its packaging that suggested that it was better for you to drink one glass of their milk than eat 14 florets of broccoli to get your daily dose of calcium … Something is not quite right there.


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