Serrano Ham and Avocado Toastie

On Friday V let me loose in his kitchen, and internet let me tell you, it is so much cooler than mine. Basically, all of the fruit and veg in their house is really nice and fresh because his mother actively goes out and selects them from the shop/market. Being able to see what you’re buying there and then really makes a difference in terms of quality, and it’s something that I miss about university life.

At home, mum often orders our food online which is really convenient and saves time but it doesn’t always work out in ways you want. For instance, the food isn’t always as fresh as it could be and for certain supermarkets, when they run out of the product you have ordered they offer a substitute but their substitution doesn’t always make sense. Once we ordered Malteasters and instead were given mini Lindt chocolate eggs. This week I was hankering after some salsa and fish pie but instead was left with some chilli cheese dip and fish cakes. And yes, I know, I know it’s not a massive issue but it does subvert your expectation of your shop which is just annoying when it comes down to it.

Anyway, as well as having an awesome food selection V also has a sandwich grill. So after putting two and two together, we ended up with this beautiful toasty.



Inside the seeded and buttered bread we scattered some sliced avocado, plum tomatoes, spring onion, Serrano ham and grated mozzarella cheese. All the flavours worked really well together and while the cheese didn’t quite have time to melt, the crunch from the toast complimented the sharp taste of the onion and crisp texture of the juicy tomato.

There’s so much you can do with the ordinary toastie set up. Why not take a step back from your plain old ham and cheese and experiment with exciting flavour combinations like us. It’s worth a try, and you might be surprised with what you come out with.

Jesse Ware, Wildest Moments
–the best part about cooking without a guide/clue is when things work out well


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