Bristol Eats

On the day I moved out of my university accommodation, I ate around. Almost the same as sleeping around … only with food.

It started with lunch at Turtle bay, over cocktails and some deliciously spicy jerk pork. And then it progressed to some American-style frozen yoghurt to celebrate the end of A’s exams.

10365926_10203185207004351_5342870949288820185_n 10390945_10203185207684368_3890703322042886400_n1623635_10203185206964350_3936526125817242375_n 10352597_10203185207604366_4733650424420345231_n

After packing, saying goodbye to everyone, and loading up the car, mother and I meandered up to Clifton and dined on some tempura squid and teriyaki chicken at Yume Kitchen.

10325372_10203185207044352_5206128389229985991_n 10464016_10203185207084353_1053640439810525570_n

The night before I had been up at Las Iguanas (which you can read about in the previous post) and on Thursday I was eating out around Bristol. Southern-American, Caribbean and Japanese – all those different kinds of foods in one week – not to say I am chuffed with this variety but I ate well, guys I ate very well.

Darius, Hot Hands
–Bit of Parisian eletronica to compliment the global menu above


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