The Park On Park Street

When I get stressed I buy myself things. Its cliché I know, but it is also extremely cathartic. Tomorrow (Monday) is my last exam, and the last-minute revision I’m trying to do is slowly killing me. It’s not that this module is really difficult, it’s more to do with the fact that it’s a philosophy unit so the ideas and themes that should be easy to understand are worded and presented in the most complicated way possible. Damn the Greece and Roman poets and their prerational understanding of Truth. Anyway, about half an hour ago it all got too much and I had to take a step back from work, so I went for a walk.

This weekend (well today at least) Park Street has been transformed into a park, last month it was a water slide if you hadn’t heard.



The street was packed with people and littered with pop-up shops, it was pretty amazing actually.

On my walk I was determined to find a tea strainer because yesterday I’d bought some loose mango tea leaves from the Chinese supermarket (my favourite haunt) and therefore really, really, really needed one. You know, like really needed it.

After poking around in a few of the vintage/nic-nack shops that characterise Park street, I eventually found what I was looking for in Love From Random. I didn’t spend that much time exploring the pop-up shops because I had to get back to the flat, but on my way back down the road I stumbled across an impressive little stall outside of a tea parlour (is that the word, or is it just a teashop?). It was selling the cutest tea sets, and turns out the person running it has a WordPress account called Lucy’s Tea Party. I recommend checking it out, it’s really quaint and full of excellent vintage finds.

So there you have it, that was my day, and now I’m back at work, content (for now) with my mango tea, new teacup and umbrella strainer.



Colatron22, Beginning Over
–There’s something hauntingly beautiful about this track



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  1. It was a pretty fun day!

    1. whysofluffy says:

      I’m gutted I didn’t get to spend more time having a look around! Have you noticed that the massive PARK sign is now in Guild’s window, complete with floating air balloons?

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