Beef and Poached Egg Roast Potato Slices

I, like every student I know, will openly admit to spending too much time on the internet. Hours pass by as I scroll through online news sites, stalk blog accounts and flick through Facebook pictures. It’s bad, especially now during exam period but, I’d like to argue, not entirely unproductive.

Would you agree that getting lost in the internet is sometimes a good thing? Yes? No? Comment below.

But if it’s a no and if you’re one of those people who would disagree with the above statement, then if I could just direct your attention towards my dinner, maybe you’ll change your mind…




This meal was inspired by Buzzfeed’s 3 Vegetarian and Gluten Free Diners to Cook This Week. It’s not in the slightest bit vegetarian, incase that isn’t obvious, but I took the general idea of Buzzfeed’s recipe and ran with it.

Above you can see a plate of roast potato slices and Thai shallots. Piled on top are stripes of beef, toasted garlic, buttered spinach and purple and green sugar snap peas. Then the crowning glory is my first ever attempt at a poached egg. I made two just incase it went wrong and when trying to place the second one its yolk just exploded everywhere, so that is what the artistic yellow dribbles are – a beautiful accident. The second poached egg was relegated to a plate out of shot because it didn’t actually poach right anyway.

But there you have it, procrastination at its finest.

Isosine, Mashups
–2 hours and 40 minutes of mashups by this talented guy is the perfect revision companion


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  1. Ive found the best recipes n cooking ideas when lost online.. So it must be a good thing or i wud not find this grt blog..

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