I crisp you not. These exist.

Firstly, who on earth came up with these? And secondly, were they tripping at the time of conception?


Behold, vegetable crisps. Oh uh no, I mean vegetable crisps that aren’t made of potato…


Beetroot, parsnip and carrot crisps, why world, why?

These look so terribly exciting with all the purple and oranginess, but guys they taste terrible. There’s something just a little off about them and the flavour just isn’t quite right.

Yes, I may have nearly eaten the whole packet, but I assure you this is down to the fact that they were the only snack left in my room and over the past few days I’ve been revising and mindlessly dipping my hand into the bag every couple of pages.

As my very Scottish grandfather, with his particular sense of humour, would probably say, “Typical English, always failing to get things right”.

Will.i.am, Bang Bang
–my girl (my degree) is shooting me down … if you get what I mean (exams are suffocatingly boring)


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