Chorizo Risotto

Today we say goodbye to a member of the flat that has been with us since the beginning (well nearly).


Farewell onion. We shall remember you well, enjoy your time in the bin …

And on another, slightly more hygienic, note check out my risotto.


In this delicious blend of cultures we’ve got some Italian risotto with Spanish chorizo, spinach and toasted broccoli.

While making this, the paprika in the chorizo leaked out and gave the dish a nice warm colour. It also smelt great and you could smell it throughout the flat.

Risotto is so easy to make and you can literally add any kind of meat to it and be guaranteed to dine on an amazing meal about half an hour later.

In the summer I made a salmon and butternut squash risotto, and when I move back to Manchester next week, I plan on making it again. Like I said above, risotto is so versatile and is basically a base for experimenting with flavour combinations.

Have you guys got any interesting recipes? Comment below and spread the risotto love.

Isosine, Heart (Mashup)
–Such a good mix, it’s like these songs were meant to be together


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