Homemade Hashbrowns and Fried Beef

Internet I think my flat has a problem. We genuinely sat in the kitchen for about two hours after dinner trying to come up with bread puns. It started with K explaining that her mum has just started baking and selling bread from home, and then it just escalated from there.

Some of the best were – “Don’t go baking my heart”, “Stop! In the name of loaf” and “Game of loaves”, but can you think of any more? Comment below if you can – we’re determined to present a list to K’s mum and make her use them as advertising campaigns, so we need some really good ones.

…But back to the point of this post, I was revising in the library today and stumbled across a recipe for homemade hash browns. Yes I admit it, I was procrastinating, but look what messing about on the internet came to:



Apparently hash browns are basically just potato, onion and seasoning. And all you really have to do is grate them up and squeeze the juices out of them before frying them in some oil. So yep, that’s what I did, and then I piled some rocket and grilled steak on top, then drizzled some peppercorn sauce all over it. Yum yum yum.

Also check out my new revision snacks. I went for a gander in the Chinese supermarket near my halls and came out with these, a ridiculous amount of ginger for like 50p and an orange about the size of my head.



See I am revising..

Iggy Azalea, Fancy (Explicit) ft. Charli XCX
–Com’on look at this meal … ‘you all ready know’



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Half Baked says:

    Breading Bad! Exclusively available in (Walter) White and now with extra (Bryan) Branston

    1. whysofluffy says:

      Fabulous, thank you haha

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