Throwback: Salted Caramel and Whiskey Booze Cupcakes

Salted caramel cupcakes infused with Scottish whiskey
Salted caramel cupcakes infused with scotch whiskey

How scandalous, it’s not even a Thursday, all those hardcore Instagramers will be judging.

… Anyway, I made these boozy cupcakes last summer using the whiskey I would later consume during freshers week. At this point, it wasn’t actually mine but it was a gift and mum doesn’t like whiskey so I was doing her a favour really.

Nutella mug cakes (made in the microwave) had got me through my A-level exams so I was in the midst of a cake obsession. After reading a Buzzfeed post about creative ways to combine alcohol and sweets I trolled the internet looking for a recipe that involved whiskey. I can’t remember if I actually found one or just gave up and decided that salted caramel and whiskey would work, either way they tasted amazing.

The sponge was a light chocolate flavour, and the icing was salted caramel with a couple of teaspoons of whiskey mixed in. This proved to be the right amount of alcohol. It was subtle enough that you got the sweetness of the icing yet could still appreciate the spiciness of the whiskey. Also on top of the cupcakes were fudge pieces and a caramel sauce, could you describe this combo as a foodgasm? … I’d like to.

After baking, I took these into town and met up with V. We sat on the lawn and ate these in Spinningfields while watching a Wimbledon match on the big screen. Every week in summer, right in the middle of Manchester’s high flying business district, films are projected onto a building and people come to relax after a long day and recline on the beanbags or deck chairs to watch them. It’s the perfect summer hangout, and as soon as my exams are out of the way, that’s where I’ll be heading.

Ben Howard, The Wolves
–Summery kind of tunes making revision slightly more bearable


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