Mango and Radish Super Salad

Rocket, mango, radishes, herby chicken, sunflower seeds and a drizzle of olive oil

Almost all of my flatmates are on some crazy diet hype. One has cut sugar out of their diet and has signed up to the London Marathon and the Bristol half. The other is trying to eat a high amount of protein. Every conversation seems to turn to how much sugar is in an apple and whether that’s better for you than say sugar in your coffee. For someone who plays a lot of sport and eats what they want, when they want – I had a ‘more to share’ chocolate bar for breakfast yesterday – I find it highly amusing.

But in all fairness to them, dieting right now isn’t a bad idea. As a student, making a conscious effort to eat healthily around this time makes perfect sense. Really, they’re just trying to avoid the revision binges that I’m sure almost everyone knows way too well.

That said, it’s harder than exercise to know where you stand with food. If you’re organising your own diet plan, then it is all too easy to slip up and eat too many carbs or consume too much sugar. Exercise on the other hand is quite simple and straight forward. You’ve either gone for that run or you haven’t, you’ve either swam 400m or you’ve not. There’s even apps that will count your steps and calculate your calories. With all those unexpected sugars and fats in sauces or ‘healthy’ ready meals, the amount of exercise you do is so much easier to control than the amount of unhealthy stuff you find in your food.

So since I’m quite competitive and my flatmates won’t stop asking whether humus or more than a handful of grapes are bad for you, I thought I’d one up their healthy eating craze and make this super salad. Its got chunks of mango in it with sliced up radishes, chicken boiled in vegetable stock, a scatter of sunflower seeds and a drizzle of olive oil. I wanted to use lamb lettuce and mixed chard because its sweeter and looks better, but the shop didn’t have that so I settled for rocket.

I couldn’t tell you how many calories are in it, nor would I like too, but I will say that it tasted really good. There is something about leaves and mango that just works, and from now on I think it’ll probably feature in most of my summery salads.

Paramore, Ain’t it fun
– got my motivational music, let’s get some work done


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